Local council grants available for local projects

5 December 2016

Many of our local town or district councils provide grants to charities, community groups and voluntary groups whose work makes a difference to local communities. Find out what they could do for you...

Aylesbury Town Council

Aylesbury Town Council has grants available for charitable or voluntary organisations working for the benefit of people in Aylesbury generally, or a particular community of the town.  The grants are for funding a project or activity and offer match funding up to 50% of costs to a maximum of £2,000, unless the Grants Committee decides that there are exceptional reasons to award a higher grant. Grants can be awarded to support a project, event or service, or to purchase equipment to help your group provide services to its users. 

In addition the Council provides social and well-being grants to help support the social and emotional well-being needs within Aylesbury town and among its diverse communities and sports grants which aim to support young people to fulfil their sporting potential. 

More information on all Aylesbury Town Council grants, including all application forms and grant criteria, is on their website.

South Bucks District Council

South Bucks District Council offer a rolling programme of Community Grants  available to charitable, voluntary or not-for-profit organisations, groups or clubs who are based in or operate for the benefit of residents of South Bucks. 

More information on South Bucks District Council grants is on their website.

Wycombe District Council

Wycombe District Council provide three types of grants for community groups, arts and facilities:

  1. High Wycombe Town Community Support Grant - annual budget of £10,000 is available to provide grants to voluntary and community sector organisations based in High Wycombe town (the unparished area of High Wycombe). These are to specifically assist towards one-off projects, events and activities that are time-limited and directly benefit High Wycombe town residents.
  2. High Wycombe Town Community Facility Grant - there is an annual budget of £10,000 to provide grants to facilities which have community use as their primary purpose and are in High Wycombe town (the unparished area of High Wycombe). These grants enable community facilities within High Wycombe town to make building improvements and to help fund essential works to ensure that they can remain available for public use.
  3. Community and arts grants - community grants fall into two main categories: small grants up to £1,500 and larger annual revenue grants of £1,500 upwards. Budgets are limited so all applications must include evidence of need and provide assurance that services will provide value for money
    • Up to £1,500 - These grants provide capital funding to voluntary and community sector organisations to assist towards one-off projects, events and activities to directly benefit their local communities within Wycombe district. Funding is available through a rolling grant programme which means that organisations can apply for grant at any
    • Annual revenue grants: £1,500 and above - Applications for these larger grants are accepted once a year for funding in the next financial year. Annual revenue grants are awarded as a contribution towards an organisation's core costs, enabling them to continue to provide services throughout the year.

For more information visit the Wycombe District Council website. 

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