Modernising local government - stakeholder events

3 May 2017

Buckinghamshire County Council wants to hear the views of the voluntary and community sector over plans to modernise local government.

Independent research company, Opinion Research Services (ORS), is conducting workshops in Wycombe, Chesham and Aylesbury for representatives from the sector to give their important insight into the plans.

The workshops will provide a platform for discussion around the core themes of the proposals, including the need for change and the benefits and challenges created by changing the way local services are delivered.

Participants will be able to share their opinions on both the County Council’s proposal for a single, county-wide unitary council, and the two-unitary option put forward by the district councils.

The results of the engagement will be shared with the government, which will make any final decision on the proposals.

The workshops are being held on the following dates and can be booked by clicking on the links:

Monday, May 22, from 9.30am-noon, at the University Campus Aylesbury Vale, Walton Street, Aylesbury.

Tuesday, May 23, from 9.30am-noon, at the Memorial Hall, The Hub, Easton Street, Wycombe.

Tuesday, May 23, from 2pm-4.30pm at the Douglas McMinn Centre, East Street, Chesham.

If you are unable to make these dates, you can still take part by answering their short questionnaire on the website, where you’ll find information on Buckinghamshire County Council’s proposals.

The district councils’ plans can be seen at

For queries relating to the workshops, please email

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