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18 May 2017

Following the cyber attacks of Friday 12 May, the FSI has forwarded this useful message for charities from the National Cyber Security Centre.


Since the global coordinated ransomware attack which occurred on Friday, no sustained new attacks of that kind have taken place.  However, we are asking you to remain vigilant and ensure that your organisation is as resilient as possible.  This is particularly important as this type of attack can lay undetected until organisations turn on their laptops and networks are operating fully.  

Over the weekend, NCSC have published an array of material to help companies including easy to implement defences against ransomware to ensure that organisations can considerably reduce the risk and impacts of this type of attacks.  Please see:

For this particular attack, the advice is straightforward:

  • Understand the technical estate that you are responsible for, and patch all software on all systems within (specifically Windows Update in this case). Microsoft have also now released a patch for legacy Windows XP systems relevant to this malware.
  • NCSC have also released additional defence steps relevant to the enterprise network defender.
  • Use  Anti-Virus Software (AVS) at all times and ensure that it too is updated.  Also run a scan. If you are a small company with no AVS, then consider using a free trial version from a reputable vendor.
  • Backup your system or critical data to a storage device that is not within the same network. Consider cloud storage options where suitable. If you hold data elsewhere then you cannot be held to ransom. 
  • If you believe that you have been a victim of a ransomware attack, report it to Action Fraud by ringing: 03001232040

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