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19 June 2017

Community Impact Bucks and Buckinghamshire County Council (Prevention Matters) will be holding an information evening on 13 July 2017 between 6:30 pm - 8pm at Prestwood village hall, to explore whether the Parish of Great Missenden would benefit and could facilitate a Good Neighbours Scheme. We would like to invite members of the community and groups along to find out more.

What is a Good Neighbours Scheme? Good Neighbours Scheme logo

Good Neighbours Schemes are community projects run and delivered by groups of local volunteers. Whilst potentially benefiting the whole community, they are aimed primarily at helping elderly, disabled, vulnerable, frail or isolated people.

It is about local people helping their neighbours to enjoy a better quality of life, so that they can retain independence and remain in their homes for longer.  Good Neighbour Schemes help create an environment where people feel safe and secure because they have a genuine connection with one another, thus creating community cohesion both at society level and at an individual level creating a strong social bond.

The first stage of the process is to gather community interest in a new scheme. Holding a community engagement event such as the one on 13 July will identify how many people would benefit from the scheme, what types of services are required for example:  befriending and/or transport and how many people may volunteer to help. Volunteers indicate what they can do, when and how often according to their availability, skills and resources.

Insight from schemes recently started in the County will provide further information at this meeting, along with short presentations highlighting the need and what support is available help with development of a new local scheme.

What A Good Neighbours Scheme is not … 

Good Neighbours Schemes do not replace the work/services provided by Adult Social Care or other professional care agencies and should not be seen as a free or cheap way to do skilled tasks that require the use of qualified trades people. No tasks are undertaken that require certified qualification such as electrical, gas or plumbing work. Such work is normally beyond the scope of Good Neighbour Schemes and their insurance cover.

If you would like further information on the event or the scheme please get in touch with either Debi Game ( 01844 348830 or Natalie Judson , BCC, Prevention Matters (

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