Last opportunity for funding from Youth Social Action

10 August 2017

Heart of Bucks is administering the Youth Social Action grants programme for Bucks. There is one last opportunity for groups to apply for funding of grants up to £5000.

Fund size: £12,000 (approx.) Heart of Bucks logo

Grants available: £1,000 - £5,000

Objective of fund: The term ‘youth social action’ is defined as ‘practical action in the service of others to create positive change’ and covers a range of activities such as fundraising, supporting charities, tutoring and mentoring, supporting other people, and campaigning for causes.

Who can apply?

  • Community groups working in Buckinghamshire
  • Registered charities, constituted community groups and other charitable organisations including Social Enterprises and CICs.
  • National organisations with local branches (with their own management committee and bank account)

What will Youth Social Action fund?

  • Social action opportunities for young people aged 10 to 20 when the programme begins, or 25 for disabled people. However, projects do not have to be led by a youth group.
  • Applications should be for a project that lasts up to one year (including one-off events)
  • Projects can deliver opportunities in a range of contexts and settings:  for example online, extracurricular, in clubs and groups, informally, or as part of structured programmes
  • Groups should engage young people in ongoing regular volunteering OR demonstrate how another youth-led method will be as effective at engaging young people in social action. (For example regular ongoing volunteering may not be achievable for the young people you engage). 
  • Core costs are eligible if the other criteria are met, including how the project meets the principles of great youth social action.
  • Incentives for young people if they will genuinely engage people who might not otherwise be engaged. Incentives should emphasise social activities when possible. For example, winning vouchers, time credits, tickets to a show, or a social dinner in a restaurant together.

Groups must demonstrate that their project can meet the following quality principles of great youth social action:

  • Socially Impactful - having a clear intended benefit to a community, cause or social problem
  • Challenging - stretching and ambitious as well as enjoyable and enabling
  • Youth-led -  owned and shaped by young people's needs, ideas and decision-making
  • Progressive -  sustainable, and providing links to other activities and opportunities
  • Embedded - accessible to all, and well integrated to existing pathways to become a habit for life
  • Reflective - recognising contributions as well as valuing critical reflection and learning

More details about the principles can be found on the #iwill website.

Heart of Bucks will prioritise projects that:

  • Seek to increase participation from young people from lower social economic groups or who might not usually take part in social action, e.g. engage new volunteers.
  • Embed skills in young people / the wider community while delivering. For example, listening skills, maths and English, cooking, media and communications, evaluation and capturing success.
  • Clearly demonstrate principles of great youth social action. For example:  an enjoyable project that enhances young people’s social lives, provides the opportunity to meet new people, positively impacts the wider community and develops longer term connections between volunteers and the wider community. 
  • Have a plan to measure and report positive changes made.
  • Demonstrate sustainability beyond the life of this grant.

What can’t Youth Social Action fund?

  • Statutory services – statutory organisations cannot bid for the fund
  • Activities promoting party political activity
  • Capital costs / equipment
  • Individual sponsorship
  • Activities generating private profit
  • Faith projects which evangelise or proselytise religious beliefs
  • Projects that only work with one faith
  • Cash incentives (although expenses incurred while volunteering can be paid in cash).

When can you apply?

  • Deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon, Wednesday 27th September 2017
  • Groups will know decisions by: End October 2017

Link to application form: Youth Social Action fund - application form

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