Better Boards Continued

"The facilitator got the balance just right, she was not too dictatorial but she also ensured that we moved on when needed, she led the day well. She was on hand not only to facilitate the meeting and ensure that discussions led to mutually agreed decisions, but also for advice in areas where her specialist expertise was relevant.  The outcomes from the day were positive; a new vision for the next ten years was developed and some major strategic priorities were identified including a redraft of our constitution, a desire to establish a permanent location and a plan to grow our membership. Accountabilities and responsibilities were allocated amongst the membership so that everyone understood their role in delivering the objectives that were agreed on the day.

Could the exercise be classified as a success? We’ll have to wait ten years, to know that for sure, but a poll of members conducted on the day resulted in extremely positive feedback.  In fact 100% agreed that the objectives set out were met, they were able to contribute as they would wish to, and that the away day been helpful in exploring direction for the future."

Would you like to have a clear way forward to ensure your group is effective? 

Why not ask one of our skilled facilitators to join you for a session to help explore your responsibilities and opportunities, and to shape the future of your charity. 

This could be an “away day” or a shorter session of a couple of hours – at a time and venue to suit you. 

We will:

  • Meet with the chair or lead representative of your trustee board to agree the purpose of the session, the approach to take and what you want to get out of it
  • Give you a written proposal setting out the work to be undertaken
  • Provide materials and facilitation on the day
  • Give you a written report of the key outcomes of the day and agreed next steps

 You will choose the particular focus of the session. 

The benefits:

  • Trustees will understand their governance responsibilities and agree trustee roles and tasks for the coming period
  • A revised and clear vision, mission and objectives that all your trustees have signed up to
  • A review of your governance and a plan to improve board effectiveness
  • An agreed future direction for your charity

To discuss how this approach could help your charity, and to check availability and costs please call 0300 111 1250 or email: or