Big Energy Saving Network

Rising energy bills are one of the biggest concerns this winter – but what can you do to save money?

There is considerable evidence that vulnerable consumers are often among those most disengaged from the energy market and lack the confidence necessary to save money by taking action on tariffs, switching and improving energy efficiency.

Community Impact Bucks is part of the Big Energy Saving Network which is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and National Energy Action to provide targeted, personalised advice that can help bring down the energy costs of some of Great Britain’s most vulnerable consumers.  Our extensive programme of outreach is focussed on helping consumers to reduce their energy costs through assisted action on tariffs, switching and the take up of energy efficiency offers.

Energy Champions from Community Impact Bucks can:

  • Give impartial advice and support on suitable tariffs or the cheapest way to pay bills.
  • Support you to take control over your tariff and supplier and get the best deal to suit you and your needs.
  • Tell you about schemes offered by Government or the energy suppliers that could help with your energy costs and provide support in applying for these efficiency offers.

 Find out more by contacting Samantha Hardy on 01844 348 831 or email