Community Organising

Totteridge RoadCommunity Impact Bucks is funded by Buckinghamshire County Council to deliver a community organising pilot project in East Wycombe, that aims to strengthen the community in Micklefield, Totteridge and Bowerdean and improve resident’s health and well-being. Community Impact Bucks are working in partnership with national organisation Citizens UK, who run diverse community organising alliances across the UK.

Community Organising is the work of building relationships in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action.

In Buckinghamshire, there has been a commitment to really listen to the community. We have undertaken 400 conversations with members of the East Wycombe community, to find out what people like about living in these areas, and also find out what the issues, concerns and pressures are. We have built a local network of community leaders (people working or volunteering in local institutions) to drive forward the project, and we are working towards pulling together an action plan and securing change through commitments by power-holders to address the priority concerns of the community. The action plan will be launched at a public event called an Assembly, towards the end of 2017.

For more information about this pilot project contact:
Stephanie Thompson
Project Officer
01844 271433