Community Right to Build

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The Community Right to Build empowers local people to propose a development in their area and to obtain permission for it without having to go through the usual planning process. Our team have extensive experience in developing community plans and community led development. The Right can be used to approve the building of homes (new-build or conversion of existing buildings), shops, businesses, affordable housing for rent or sale, community facilities or playgrounds. It is up to the community to decide the type, quantity and design of properties for the development. A proposal can be developed as part of a full Neighbourhood Plan or on its own.


Community Right to Build Orders are a special type of neighbourhood development order (NDO). Unlike NDOs and Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) however, any local community organisation, not just a parish or town council or a neighbourhood forum, is able to create a Community Right to Build Order.

To be eligible to develop a Community Right to Build Order in a particular neighbourhood area at least one half of a community organisation's members must live in that neighbourhood area. The organisation must also exist to further the economic, environmental and social well-being of the area in question, and any profits made as a result of Community Right to Build Orders must be used for the good of that community, not for private gain.

Development brought about by Community Right to Build Orders is likely to be small scale, and will not be able to take place if it would need an Environmental Impact Assessment or would be on a European designated site, for example a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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