The National Compact

The National Compact is the agreement between the government and the voluntary and community sector  which outlines a way of working designed to improve this relationship for mutual advantage.

It is also accompanied by an Accountability and Transparency Guide, which outlines steps to take at national and local level, including dispute resolution, internal complaints procedures and ombudsmen functions.

The Compact recognises the significant role played by the voluntary and community sector, not only in providing services but also in generating income, adding to the local economy, developing and utilizing the skills of local people and strengthening local communities.

Busting myths about the Compact

Believe it or not the Compact has been around since 1998. In February 2014 Compact Voice commissioned research into perceptions and insights on the Compact. Is it just about funding?, does it have any teeth ?,is it just there when things go wrong ?,does it ignore the private sector? As a result Compact Voice has published some myth busting commentary arround these questions.


The Buckinghamshire Compact

Almost every local authority in England is signed up to a local Compact which sets out agreed principles for a relationship that reflects local circumstances and goals. The Buckinghamshire Compact is an agreement between local public sector and voluntary and community organisations about how they will work together. It is designed to offer improved funding processes, clear consultation standards, enforceable rights and an overall improvement in working relationships.

Aims of the Buckinghamshire Compact :

  • To increase understanding, improve working relationships and extend co-operation between the council and voluntary and community sector organisations.
  • To develop the voluntary and community sector’s capacity to provide services to the community and achieve high quality outputs.
  • To support initiatives to achieve Best Value in the provision of services by the council.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of both the council and voluntary and community sector organisations in meeting the needs of the community.

Sign up to the Buckinghamshire Compact

By signing up to the Compact, your organisation will be demonstrating its commitment to co-operative working and you will then be entitled to have your say on the further development of the Buckinghamshire Compact.

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Please contact us if you wish to sign up.

Compact Champions Group

The development of the Buckinghamshire Compact is overseen by a Compact Champions Group. The group is convened and chaired by Community Impact Bucks. Secretariat support is provided by Buckinghamshire County Council

Compact Champions include the County and District Councils, Community Impact Bucks, Buckinghamshire Community Foundation and Action4Youth

 The group meets quarterly to discuss:

  • Policy development and changes that effect voluntary and community organisations.
  • Address any Compact compliance issues.
  • Facilitates information exchange between statutory and voluntary sectors.
  • Raises awareness of the Compact through publicity and events.

If you have a matter which you would like the group to discuss, or if you are a public or not for profit organisation and feel that the Compact has been breached, or you would like to join this group please contact us.