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Community Impact Bucks is the Rural Community Council, Volunteer Centre and the Council for Voluntary Services for Buckinghamshire.

One of our key activities is advocating on behalf of the rural, voluntary and community sectors to ensure that our strategic partners are aware of the wider issues impacting residents and the VCS groups and organisations are kept aware of strategic decisions that could impact on them.

By using our bank of knowledge about who does what, in the voluntary and community sector, across the county we are uniquely placed to bring groups together to resolve issues for geographic communities or ‘communities of interest’.  This can include facilitating others to form consortia, or partnerships to develop joint delivery strategies, or identifying ways they can work collaboratively to maximise efficiencies. To help you find voluntary and community groups operating across the county we provide a search directory of groups that are known to us. 

Our relationships with strategic partners enables us to raise matters of interest or concern on behalf of the sector and to ensure that sector interests are represented, as well as passing on information about future developments and strategies of relevance.

We aim to make an impact on the communities of Buckinghamshire and rural Milton Keynes by ensuring that the voluntary and community sector is regarded as an equal partner in the delivery of diverse services across the county, is responsive to the needs of communities and is contributing to the success and well-being of the county.

The following pages show how we deliver this aim and how you can get involved:

-Voluntary and Community Group Directory

-Success Stories

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-Property Services

-Representation Protocol

-Partnership Network and Forums

-Policy publications and consultations

-The Buckinghamshire Compact

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