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Our team have extensive experience in working with local authorities to bring hundreds of empty homes back into occupancy.

  • We bring empty homes back into occupancy
  • Proven track record - over 300 homes returned to use
  • Unique developed processes
  • Supporting local authority empty home strategies
  • Nationwide service offered

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The Property Team includes:

Jean Fox Housing and Development Executive

Nick Phillips, BA Hons, MRICS, PG Cert (Oxon)

Homes need to be occupied!

Empty Houses

In Buckinghamshire there are hundreds of people living on the streets or having to rely on friends for a roof over their heads. There are also hundreds of houses standing empty!

Empty homes are domestic properties that have been unoccupied for more than 6 months. Bringing an empty home back into use is almost always good news for everyone. Most significantly it provides a home. But neighbours and the community also see local improvements. Empty properties often attract unwanted activities, they can look shabby, add to a sense of insecurity for neighbours and the community.   When homes are returned to use within a small community the benefits can be wider, helping to improve the local environment and boost the local housing market.  

 Government research estimates that there are 1.6 million households or nearly 4 million people in housing need in England.  Whilst bringing empty homes into use cannot possibly provide homes for all of them, it could house a significant proportion.  Shelter has found that there are 279,000 long-term privately owned empty homes in England, a real waste of housing when there are so many homeless families looking for somewhere to live.

Whilst it is true that vacancy levels are higher in areas of the country with lower levels of housing need. Every region of the country has more households in need than there are empty homes. Bringing empty homes into use is something that happens already, each year nearly 300,000 empty homes are returned to use. A process that provides three times as many homes as the housebuilding industry. Unfortunately a similar number of homes become empty each year.  But relatively small changes can alter this balance and help create an increase in housing

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