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The work we do helps numerous people by enabling local charities to be the best they can be, developing vibrant communities and growing volunteering. There are a variety of ways you can help:

Can you help make these projects a reality? Contact the CEO to discuss how your support or sponsorship could allow these projects to get up and running?

Volunteer Mentor ProjectMentoring

CIB’s Volunteer Mentor Project recruits volunteers from the world of business to offer their professional expertise on a one-to-one basis to local charities and community groups who need assistance with their business planning. The Mentors work with local groups to identify their challenges and work together towards long-term, sustainable solutions and improvements through advising on areas such as marketing, recruiting and retaining volunteers and fundraising.

Sustainable Community Projectcommunity

CIB’s Sustainable Community project is a two year, two phase project that is designed to reignite and inspire communities to consider the assets they have and to work together as a community group to utilise these assets and in so doing become sustainable and self-reliant for the future. In the first phase of the project a researcher will help find communities’ who are interested in taking part in the scheme work with them to identify their assets (church halls, parks, village halls etc)  and then a project co-ordinator will work with the local communities to put together business plans for making the assets work as commercially viable ventures. Not only do communities generate much needed income but they are re-invigorated in terms of building community spirit. 

Community Transport Project  Haddenham Community Vehicle

CIB is working on a new project to develop flexible, community-led transport schemes to ensure that people living in rural locations have access to transport when they need it. Less than half (47%) of those living in smaller rural settlements have access to a regular bus service and this consequently has a huge impact on quality of life, compromising people’s health and wellbeing. CIB plans to work with groups of local volunteers to work together to help each other out with lifts, car sharing and other transport solutions to ensure that no one is stuck at home when they want to need to be out somewhere. 

Volunteering   Volunteer

CIB are the Accredited Volunteer Centre for Buckinghamshire and we provide a range of services to help individuals to volunteer their time and skills and organisations to find enthusiastic helpers. CIB is currently working to promote the benefits of volunteering to individuals to persuade them to give a bit of their time and energy to support a local organisation they’d enjoy working with.  In so doing, CIB is fostering stronger community spirit towards our goal of ‘a better life for the people of Buckinghamshire’.  People can find out more about volunteering at 

Charity Training Programmes  training

CIB is the Council for Voluntary Services in Buckinghamshire and provides a range of training services for local charities, organisations and groups. From forums and workshops on specific topics, to one-to-one expert advice our training equips organisations with the knowledge and skills they need to innovate, improve and ultimately secure the future of their organisation.