Handy Helpers

Handy Helpers supporter logosCommunity Impact Bucks (CIB) Handy Helper project is a new service to help elderly, vulnerable and isolated local residents with small tasks around the home which they can’t or daren’t do for themselves. It will provide a trust-worthy service which offers visits and help from DBS checked volunteers to perform small tasks and offer befriending and social support.

The work undertaken will include small repairs, maintenance tasks, the implementation of safety/security measures and energy efficiency checks. Handy Helpers will work in partnership to compliment services already provided by CIB’s Gardening and Befriending service.

Why are we doing this?

As people are living longer, there is more pressure on social services to provide residential care once they can no longer care for themselves at home. The inability to be able to undertake basic tasks around the household to prevent the deterioration of their property has meant that many older or disabled people have lost their independence and have to be cared for in a residential setting.

Another key issue for elderly people is that of falls which is the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people and significantly impact on their ability to care for themselves. The Handy Helpers service will ensure that risks and hazards around the home are minimised. It will also provide an additional layer of support to ensure elderly residents stay safe after a fall or hospital stay.

Find out more

Do you know someone who could benefit from this service? Find out more on our Clients page

Are you interested in offering your time to this project? Find out how on our Volunteers page. We’ll also be offering supported volunteering for individuals who have a disability or are otherwise disadvantaged and would find it difficult to volunteer independently.

You can see the examples of what the Handy Helpers could do on the Types of jobs we do page.

You can also contact Samantha Hardy on 01844 348831 or samantha@communityimpactbucks.org.uk