Oil Buying

Community Impact Bucks manages an oil club to provide a way for individuals, Community Buildings and businesses to save money on fuel costs.   The Bucks Oil Buying Club (BOB) takes on the organisation of bulk buying of fuel oil and the negotiation of the best prices, reducing the cost for members and the time spent sourcing oil.

We believe that finding a way to keep fuel costs as low as possible is particularly important in rural areas where many households don't have mains gas.

By bringing communities throughout Buckinghamshire together to make the most of collective buying power the service can make significant savings and pass them directly to you.    All you need to do to take advantage of the service is sign up and an annual membership fee - £24 for domestic users, £36 for Community Buildings and £120 for businesses.  This covers as many orders as you need during the year.  The minimum order is 500 litres.  The membership charge goes towards covering the administrative costs of running the group.  Any surplus from the BOB Club goes directly towards supporting Community Impact Bucks charitable work.

Deadline Dates for placing orders in 2018

  • Thursday 1 March
  • Tuesday 3 April

Monthly bulk oil order price

Monthly Bulk Oil prices for February 2018

Price per litre = 46.31p              

Average Saving on 1000 litres = £14.60

Average ppl = 47.77p

Highest ppl = 52.61pp

Internet price per litre = 46.83p

All prices are exclusive of VAT, currently 5%.

Community Impact Bucks own the oil club but all communication and administration is carried out by AF Affinity Ltd.   Affinity also provides oil buying services to the RCCs of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Oxfordshire, Northumbria and Cambridgeshire. 

AF Affinity was set up in 2009 as a subsidiary of Anglian Farmers (AF) to give companies and individuals outside AF’s agricultural membership access to the procurement services of AF. 

How Does It Work?

Once we have processed your membership form and you have paid your membership fee you just call or email AF Affinity with your order ahead of the monthly deadline then sit back while they do the work for you.  They will let you know who the supplier is and when it will be delivered. Orders can be placed through your local co-ordinator (if there is one in your area) or directly to Affinity on 01603 881888 or email bucksbuying@af-affinity.co.uk

To download the full list of ordering deadlines click here

Once your order is placed you can sit back while our negotiators obtain the best price from a range of suppliers.  You will then be notified of the price per litre and supplier information.  You pay Affinity after delivery and they pay the supplier.    Delivery is usually made within 10 days of the ordering deadline so do make sure you order when you have enough in your tank to avoid running out.  The minimum order is 500 litres. 


Check if you have a local co-ordinator

Interested in becoming a co-ordinator?  The role involves promoting the service in your local area and collecting orders each month.  In return your membership of the BOB Club will be free.  If you are interested or would like more information give us a call on 01844 348832 or email communitybuying@communityimpactbucks.org.uk