Organisation User Guide to Do-It

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To register and set up your organisation to post volunteer roles, please follow the below instructions:

Sign Up as an Individual to register your organisation

You will need to sign up as an individual before registering as an organisation. Go to Do-It and click on Sign Up, fill in name, email, password and agree to the terms and conditions. You will receive an email to verify your account.

Once verified as an individual, you can register your organisation and promote your roles. Go to the home page of Do-It and select Find Volunteers. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click ‘Got it’ and this will take you to fields to add your organisation.

All volunteer roles are free to advertise. You can advertise paid roles but there is an £85 fee for paid roles.

You will be asked for the following details:

1) Organisation name
2) Describe your organisation
3) Contact Details
4) Organisation contact details

For further help, click here.

Once set up as an organisation, you can add an opportunity.

Adding Opportunities

Having the right role description is important to attract people to your role. We have a role description template as a guide for information you might find useful to include in your descriptions.

Download Role Description Template

You can add opportunities one of two ways. Click on Your Recruiter Dashboard and select My Opportunities tab at the top pf the page. You will find an Add Opportunity option. You can also click Find Volunteers tab at the top of the page and follow the online steps, you will be asked for the following information:

1) What is the Opportunity? (Title)
2) About the Opportunity (about the org and brief about the role)
3) Opportunity Info (what the role entails in detail)
4) Categorising your opportunity (choose from set categories in Do-It to maximise the chances of a volunteer matching his interest and finding your role)
5) Where is opportunity located?
6) When is the opportunity available? This covers start and end dates of roles, time of day and advertising start and end dates

See more support here

You can save as a draft or publish and view your opportunity. You will automatically be sent an email when someone applies for the role.

You can view the roles you have listed by clicking on the Your Do-It tab at the top of the screen and selecting Recruiter Dashboard. You will be able to view your opportunities and also add other administrators here.

For further information regarding guides on how to use Do-It, please follow this link: Support for Recruiters