Policy Publications

On this page we provide links to 'policy publications' that we believe will be of interest to voluntary and community groups in Buckinghamshire. We will also provide links to publications that are issued as consultation documents that are asking for a voluntary sector response.

State of the Sector Report, December 2017

This report provides a 'snapshot' of the voluntary and charity sector in England as a whole with a particular focus on Buckinghamshire.  Published in full here.

Response to the BCC Scrutiny Committee 2016

In response to the Buckinghamshire County Council consultation on the budegt, Community Impact Bucks collected views from the VCS and submitted a response to the Scrutiny Committee in January 2016.  Read the Response to the Scrutiny Committee 

New European rules could make public procurement simpler

A policy officer at NCVO writes about 'Another step in the right direction'

New EU procurement rules are on the horizon'. Depending how these new rules are implemented, the commissioning process for public services could become simpler and more effective. Get a basic briefing from http://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2014/02/13/another-step-in-the-right-direction-new-eu-procurement-rules-are-on-the-horizon/

Developing your organisation survey report

Read our Developing your organisation survey report 2015

The voluntary sector in Buckinghamshire (Research)

Ever wondered what the size and make- up of the voluntary sector is in Buckinghamshire? The recently produced report by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) in conjunction with Community Impact Bucks helps to answer this question. The figures are based on data from the Charity Commissions Register of charities in England & Wales.

Realising the potential of governance : ACEVO governance commission. (Publication)

This commission was set up to review the state of governance in the charity sector. The report issued in September 2013 seeks to put forward practical suggestions to support charities to ensure that their governance is effective and robust. The report focuses on 3 main areas : Appraisal and accountability, understanding roles and responsibilities, board management.