Rural Housing

Since 2003 a Rural Housing Enabler (RHE) has been employed with the remit to increase the provision of affordable homes in the rural areas of Buckinghamshire.

The RHE works closely with Parish Councils, Housing Associations, landowners and all other relevant parties in order to deliver small projects of affordable housing through 'exception schemes' in villages generally with a population less than 3,000. Rural schemes are designed to meet proven local needs within a parish or settlement and as such are usually fairly small (between six and 12 units).

RHE Aims

The aims of the Rural Housing Enabling Service are to:

  • Increase the amount of affordable rural housing in Buckinghamshire and Rural Milton Keynes

  • Promote awareness of housing need in rural communities

  • Help make the best use of existing accommodation in rural areas

  • Comment upon and influence relevant national, regional and local policies

 The Rural Exception Policy

Examples of 'local' people who maybe in housing need are those:

  • In accommodation tied to their jobs
  • With insecure tenancies (such as assured short-hold tenancies)
  • Living in dwellings which are in a bad state of repair
  • Living with family or friends
  • Living in a house which is unsuitable for them
  • Living away from the village (with a connection to the parish)Overcrowded households
  • Families forced to live apart because of a lack of suitable accommodation
  • Working in the area but unable to buy or rent privately

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