Meet the team

Communities Team

Debi Game Head of Projects

Samantha Hardy – Manager, Gardening and Befriending Service, Smart Energy

Louise Mumcular – Project Officer, Community Organising, Community Buildings

Helen Archer – Project Officer, Community Transport, Community Led Planning

Llew Monger – Co-ordinator, Buckinghamshire Lunch Clubs

Leona Marston – Administrator, Gardening and Befriending Service, Oil Buying

Neville Redvers-Higgins – Team Leader, Gardening and Befriending Service

Anne Burton – Co-ordinator, Community Transport Hub

Support to Groups and Volunteering

Helen Cracknell - Lead-Support to Groups

Hazel Finney – Lead - Volunteering

Gardening Team

Samantha Hardy - Gardening Services Manager 

Leona Mardon - Gardening Services Administrator

Business Development

Jo Houghton - business development executive

Communications & marketing 

Caroline Hatton, communications & PR manager

Jenny Finnegan, business support officer (communications & IT)

Business Support

Anne Burton, business support officer