Supported Volunteering Opportunities

Supported Volunteering

Our Handy Helper Team Leader will be offering a supported volunteering experience to those volunteers who have a disability or are otherwise disadvantaged and would find it difficult to volunteer independently. This could be due to lack of confidence as a result of the effects of a physical or mental illness or a learning difficulty. The skills and knowledge developed could be a stepping stone to enter or return to paid employment or to move into further education programmes.

We aim to provide our volunteers with a sense of purpose and a feeling of being useful to the community which, for many will help retain or gain self-confidence and a sense of connection and belonging to the local community.

Benefits of Volunteering

Being a Volunteer Handy Helpers is a very rewarding experience. Your donation of time, no matter how small is greatly valued and appreciated as it makes a significant difference to the life of a vulnerable person. Our Volunteers say they get an enormous sense of achievement in doing something useful that wouldn’t get done without their help. In addition, they get the opportunity to use their talents and explore their capabilities.

To find out more about how you can volunteer contact Samantha Hardy on 01844 348831 or