The Handy Helpers Project is all about local community participation and volunteering. We seek to galvanise local residents as volunteers to help support the more vulnerable in their community and foster good community relationships which hopefully will spill into becoming trusted relationships and friendships.

The project will build relationships between volunteers and clients so that while a lightbulb is being changed a cup of tea and a chat can also be shared. This provides an often much-needed interaction for an older person and the volunteer alike. Similarly, by helping an older person a volunteer not only offers the solution to a practical task but the opportunity to get out and have a change of scenery themselves.

We provide a flexible and supportive experience where volunteers can fit their volunteering around other commitments on a regular or ad hoc basis, which can be in the daytime or the evening and during the week or at the weekend. Being a Handy Helper offers a meaningful and rewarding opportunity to meet new people and make a difference to their life.

Volunteers can choose to volunteer independently as One2One Handy Helper or be part of the Handy Helper Group.

One2One Handy Helpers:

Our volunteers let us know their availability and we match them with a client depending on
their preferred locations and the type of task required.

Handy Helper Group:

Services are volunteer-delivered under the guidance of a paid team leader. Team working is
at the centre of our Handy Helper Group, our volunteers are guided by a paid Handy Helper
Team Leader. There is a great sense of camaraderie where they can draw on each other’s
knowledge and experience.

Benefits of Volunteering

Being a Volunteer Handy Helpers is a very rewarding experience. Your donation of time, no matter how small is greatly valued and appreciated as it makes a significant difference to the life of a vulnerable person. Our Volunteers say they get an enormous sense of achievement in doing something useful that wouldn’t get done without their help. In addition, they get the opportunity to use their talents and explore their capabilities.

To find out more about how you can volunteer contact Samantha Hardy on 01844 348831 or samantha@communityimpactbucks.org.uk