Benefits of joining the FSI

Benefits of joining the FSI

The FSI (Foundation for Social Improvement) provides high quality and low cost or free training and advice to small charities. If your organisation is a charity, CIC or community organisation with a turnover under £1m then membership is FREE.

Joining the FSI is simple – just visit their website. Membership enables you to take part in the very many free and heavily subsidised FSI initiatives including online e-learning and webinars, Small Charity Week, a great conference, training and events programme, the Small Charity Index, a one hour Advice Clinic and more…

They have also recently launched the Advice Hub where you can get pro bono help on topics such as fundraising, marketing, goverance or demonstrating impact.

Another recent launch from the FSI is their Essential Trustee Series; a series of informative videos to demonstrate what being a trustee means, the role and responsbilibities of being a trustee and for use with new trustees in their induction.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain, become a member today.