Governance – General FAQs

How do we amend our governing document or constitution?

Your governing document or constitution, together with any requirements of the relevant regulator, will determine how you can make changes to your governing document or constitution. The Charity Commission guidance explains what you can change and what you need permission to do. You may also like to watch this video from Lawworks .

We want to convert an existing not-for-profit organisation to become incorporated. How do we do that?

You may decide to change your legal structure to become incorporated, for example to limit trustees’ liability or to be able to enter into contracts or a lease more easily. As a charity you may decide to set up a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which is a specific legal form available for charities. The Charity Commission guidance tells you about the different options and how to go about it. If you are setting up a CIO you may also like to watch the video from LawWorks .

Image courtesy of Wheelpower