Community Organising Projects: Projects Award

Public Health at Buckinghamshire County Council and Red Kite Community Housing have allocated money for the year 2019/20 to support the development of projects that enhance the work being carried out by the community organising project. More information about the community organising project can be found here.

This will support the community organising network members in working together to improve and promote health and to reduce the gap between the health of the most advantaged and least advantaged communities in East Wycombe.

The scope of the award is to provide one-off pump priming grants up to a maximum of £5k to support and stimulate community organising projects in East Wycombe. Further details can be found in the guidance notes and each project will be judged on its merits against the criteria also shown in the guidance notes.

The application deadlines for the funding rounds are:

• 29 March 2019
• 28 June 2019
• 27 September 2019

Please note that any organisation applying can only apply a maximum of 3 times, which includes funding rounds from 2018/19, regardless of the outcome.

The relevant documents can be found here:

Guidance Notes
Guidance and application forms