Q: How do I set up a charity?

A: You may have already decided that you want to set up a charity, or you might want to think about one of the other types of structure like a community group or a Community Interest Company (CIC). For more information visit our Getting Started page which includes information and resources on how to decide on a legal structure, help with business planning, policies and everything else you need to begin.

Q: What policies do we need?

A: Policies and procedures set out how your organisation or community group should run. The particular policies and procedures you need vary according to the size of your organisation and the services you provide.

NCVO provide a good overview of policies and procedures. We also have a range of template volunteer policies which you can adapt for your own use.

Q: Where can I find funding?

A: We host free searchable databases, Bucks Funding Search and Grantway to help you identify potential funders for your group or project.  We also run free monthly 1-1 advice sessions for charities and community groups looking for funding.

We also run free monthly 1-1 support sessions for charities and community groups looking for funding.

Q: How do I find volunteers?

A: There are several simple steps you can take to find and secure the volunteers you need and you can find all the information on our volunteering pages.

We recommend you register your organisation and your volunteer roles for free with our partners Do-it.org and Reach Volunteering as well as use opportunities to advertise in your local community, such as flyers in your local library or advertisements in parish or town councils’ newsletters.

We also run free monthly 1-1 advice sessions and regular more in-depth training sessions on finding and supporting volunteers.

Q: How do I find trustees?

A: We suggest your first point of call is to register your trustee vacancy with our partner Reach Volunteering, the national online volunteer database which links not-for-profits with people who are looking for volunteer leadership roles and have specialist skills and over three years’ experience to offer.

To identify other places to advertise your trustee vacancy for free and to find general advice on trustee recruitment, use our online resources.

Q: Help! My treasurer has resigned, how can we get a new one?

A: It’s important you’re clear on exactly what you want your new treasurer to do and the skills they need. We can help you define the role and give you ideas on where you should advertise the role in our We Need Volunteers section.

Q: How do I set up or improve a volunteer programme?

A: We provide a number of services to help you develop a volunteer programme including a series of events, such as our ‘Attracting and Keeping Volunteers’ workshop and ‘Finding and Supporting Volunteers’ one-to-one advice sessions. You can also find an extensive library of resource materials – from sample policy documents to template volunteer agreements – which are free and easy to download.

Q: How can I find details of local charities and community groups?

A: You may want to find possible partners for a bid or commercial arrangement, people who may be able to help you based on similar experience or for some other reason. For charities you can search the Charity Commission’s register, for a range of community groups you can or search Care Advice Bucks, Bucks Family Information Service or Street Associations.  You can also find information on activities and support in Bucks by visiting the Bucks Online Directory.