Current Funding Opportunities

New funding opportunities are opening up daily. So that you can keep pace, we have curated the key resources you will need.

Our top tips for your organisation to find current funding available to your organisation are:

Selection of the latest funds are listed below:

Local funds

  • Heart of Bucks – Kop Hill Climb grants up to £5,000 for Princes Risborough and surrounding areas; projects that demonstrate social inclusion or need; projects which are new, or existing projects looking to expand their reach. Expression of Interest Deadline:  Midday 13th October
  • Rothschild Foundation – Community Fund grants to £30,000 (over 3 years) to local not-for-profit organisations which focus on people whose wellbeing is at risk, including homeless people and people facing financial hardship.

General funds

  • Return to Play: Active Together offers support, including matched funding of up to £10,000, to help clubs and local organisations to set up their own crowdfunding campaigns which focus on people who are anxious or worried, affected financially or are experiencing a greater burden of care.
  • National Lottery Community Fund (England) funding from £300 to £10,000 to improve community cohesion, provide services for vulnerable people and to stabilise finances where there has been challenge as a result of the pandemic.  Small, medium and micro charities are particularly invited to apply.
  • National Lottery Awards for All England funding to £10,000 for voluntary and community organisations offering activities to communities most adversely affected by covid-19, involving the community, building on its strengths, keeping connections.
  • Swire Charitable Trust Covid-19 Recovery Programme is offering grants up to £25,000 and above £25,000 to charities which are well positioned to meet current challenges.  The charities  will be able to provide a critical response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis or are facing severe short-term funding pressures as a result of this. Application windows close 2-3 weeks before Trustee Meetings. Applications for less than £25,000 are considered at monthly meetings and large requests (£25,000 plus) at quarterly meetings – next quarterly meeting is December 2021
  • EFN Rapid Response Fund funds to £25,000 for environmental groups working on green issues which are addressing immediate, unexpected or unpredictable environmental events.
  • Buckinghamshire Building Society 2021 Here to Help Fund large award of up to£40,000 to one wellbeing charity or not-for-profit focussing on local people in need. Applications by midday, 24th November 2021.
  • Buckinghamshire Building Society 2021 Here to Help Fund small grants programme offering grants to £5,000 to local community and voluntary groups which focus on local people in need.  Applications by midday, 24th November 2021.

Funds supporting the vulnerable

  • Foyle Foundation Small Grants: One-year grants up to £10,000 for small charities under £150,000 delivering services to the young, vulnerable, elderly, disadvantaged or the general community either directly or through online support.
  • Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales – Grants Programme to £50,000 for small and medium sized local charities working to help people with complex social issues, including alcohol dependency, young parenthood and homelessness, to recover and renew beyond the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Persimmon Community Champions: grants of up to £1,000 to groups supporting over 70s.
  • Alpkit Foundation – Grassroots Support Now: grants of £50 to £500 to support projects which have an immediate impact on people affected by the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Magic Little Grants to £500 for small charities and community groups delivering projects including on community participation, reducing the impact of poverty and improving mental well-being (deadline 31st October 2021.)
  • True Colours Trust UK Small Grants to £10,000 to charities and community organisations working with people from 0 to 25 years who are either disabled or have life-limiting conditions, for adaptations to services, technological support and other provisions.
  • The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK COVID–19 Emergency Fund grants to £1,000 to small and medium sized charities which are struggling to keep their heads above water due to the pressures of the pandemic. Funds can be used for staffing, equipment and deep cleaning (where there has been a confirmed case of covid-19). Applications considered every two months.
  • Covid-19 Response Fund offering discretionary funds to charities which focus on addressing social deprivation and helping those most affected by Covid-19. This may include medical equipment, producing or distributing PPE. Applications by 31st December 2021 for a decision by April 2022.
  • BBC Children in Need small grants for organisational and project costs up to £10,000 per year (maximum three years) for non-profit organisations working with young people and delivering a positive impact.
  • Volant Charitable Trust – COVID-19 Response Fund: discretionary grants to £5,000 to charitable organisations working to alleviate social deprivation and which support vulnerable groups particularly affected by the pandemic. Funding can also be used for medical equipment and also the production or distribution of PPE.  Applications by 31st December 2021.
  • Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust – Ann Rylands Small Donations programme  grants to £2,500 to charities supporting sick and vulnerable people including the elderly, people with disabilities, serious physical or mental health concerns or loneliness.
  • The 7 Stars Foundation grants to £2,500 to charities providing immediate support to challenged and vulnerable under 16’s. The young people may be carers, experiencing homelessness, deprivation or addiction. Applications by 31st December 2021.
  • Black & Minoritised Women’s Fund offering grants to £10,000 to black and minoritized (led-by and for) women’s voluntary and community organisations. Funding can be used for core costs and activities including training, programme development and governance. Applications by 3pm, 1st October 2021.
  • The Will Charitable Trust grants to £10,000 charitable organisations working with blind people, people with learning disabilities and people with cancer, providing the organisation with covid recovery , core or continuing costs. Applications may be made at any time.
  • Loneliness Engagement Fund funding to £50,000 to charitable organisations communicating and engaging effectively with groups who have been most affected by loneliness during the covid-19 pandemic. This will include young people, those living alone, are disabled, or with a mental health condition as well as people who are unemployed or living on a low income. Activities to be concluded and monies spent by 31st March 2022. Applications by noon, 13th October 2021noon.
  • Power Partners funding to £20,000 to registered non-profit and community organisations  working to deal with fuel poverty or to support vulnerable people’s energy resilience, including challenges arising from Covid-19.  Applicants should check their organisation, building or project is based within an eligible area on the postcode checker. Applications to 25th October 2021.

Funds supporting sports

  • Football Foundation – Small Grants to £25,000 to community and grassroots football organisations to restart activities after Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Sport England Return to Play: Small Grants from £300 to £10,000 to not-for-profit and charitable which have an established sport or physical activity offer organisations.  Funds are available to adapt previous provision, to make sure that activities are safe and to encourage new involvement. Applications close at end of 2021.

Other sector funds

  • The Getaway Foundation: was originally created to benefit families in poverty and to create positive memories through holidays.  This now includes families whose economic crisis has been affected by Covid-19.  Offers tailored funding to school or community authority referrals for families in relative poverty (gross income of under £25,000 per annum), with at least one child under the age of eighteen, where there has been no family holiday for at least three years.
  • Churchcare offers a range of 50% grants to churches, chapels and meeting houses. These are to maintain and repair both fabric and furnishings. Support is provided to complete grant requests where covid-19 is restricting access. Applications by 4th October 2021.
  • The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund (England) grants to £200,000 for community-based faith groups working in partnership with local public institutions to address specific aspects of community covid-19 recovery, including loneliness, mental health, well-being and community engagement through volunteering. Applications by 7th October 2021
  • Armed Forces Covenant Fund: Force for Change programme grants registered charities or CICs to £10,000 reduce isolation and promote integration in local armed forces communities while supporting post-Covid recovery. Projects need to start within a month of a grant is awarded. Applications by midday, 19th November 2021.  Decisions by late February 2022. 


Supermarket Donations

Asda Foundation Green Token Giving
Asda Foundation Green Token Giving provides funding for local charities and good causes nominated by customers and colleagues.

Asda has dedicated community champions whose role is to work with charities and community groups in their
local area so that ASDA can provide effective support. For example: in-store fundraising, colleague fundraising, healthy eating sessions in schools, volunteering in the community and rooms for the community in-store.

Asda Foundation – Bringing Communities Back Together grants to £1,000 for community charitable organisations for a celebration event which aims to bring people back together, as social distancing guidelines have been eased. Funding can cover event meals, decorations and entertainment. Applications need to be made through Asda Community Champions, based at local Asda stores, by 1st November 2021.

Every year Sainsbury’s work together with customers and colleagues to support a local cause in the local community. These partnerships last for a whole year and include a range of support including awareness raising, fundraising in store, volunteering and donations.

Each store holds a community budget to help support with requests for local fund-raising events.  Dedicated Tesco community champions work to ensure that Tesco can bring genuine benefit to the local community be it a local community event, fundraising activities, bag packing or donations.

Each branch has a Community matters champion who finds out about potential beneficiaries to benefit from the token scheme based at each store.

Wilko – Helping Hands Programme
Branches in High Wycombe and Aylesbury.
Every WILKO store has a budget to give a little helping hand to local groups and community projects. You could get WILKO gift cards, products or volunteers to help with whatever you’re doing for your community – whether it’s a raffle prize to help with fund raising or tins of paint and extra helpers to do up a community centre. The above link gives an easy step guide to filling in application form.