Community Led Planning

Community Led Plans provide an opportunity for everyone in your community to participate. It’s a way for you to say if you want more open spaces, better access to public transport and healthcare, affordable housing, opportunity to buy local produce at local shops and to choose how your community makes the most of their social and leisure time.

A Community Led Plan (CLP) is a strategic action plan for a town, village or parish, created by a team of volunteers. CLPs help local communities to identify and evidence their needs and aspirations, and give local people a voice (and an active role) in planning for their future.

We are currently undertaking a review of Community Led Plans in Buckinghamshire to see what activity continues, how best to reinvigorate interest in CLPs and the CIB support needed to support communities with this planning mechanism. We will also be looking at the links between CLPs, Neighbourhood Plans and Parish Plans to see how they can best complement each other without adding additional layers of process and bureaucracy