Developing Volunteer Opportunities

To start the volunteer recruitment process you need to be clear on the role. What work needs to be done? Over what time period? What skills do you need from your volunteers? Who will manage, train and support them?

*If you need information about recruiting/managing volunteers in response to the COVID-19 situation, you can find advice and guidance here.*

Developing a role description which details the scope of the work to be carried out by your volunteer will help you think through these questions and will be used when you’re advertising the vacancy. By putting as much relevant detail in your role description you’ll be helping yourself sell the role to the right person, and avoid too many applications from people who aren’t suitable. If there are certain skills or attributes you need, or the role might be suitable for a specific age group, then make sure you include this.

You can download a suggested template here

Read our blog on tips for writing a compelling role description.

If you need further help with creating your role descriptions, then book a FREE Advice Plus Session.

You can find information on how to recruit trustees here.

Once you know what roles you are looking for and are ready to advertise them, look at our ideas for advertising your opportunities.

Image courtesy of The Pace Centre