Volunteer Pub Lunch Coordinator – Linden

Linden is a Volunteer Pub Lunch Coordinator for the Lane End Pub Lunch Club. She has been in the post for five years, having been passed the baton by the previous coordinator in 2018.

Why do you volunteer?

I like meeting new people and enjoy giving something back to my community – the role of the local Pub Lunch Coordinator ticked both these boxes and is something I both enjoy doing and can fit into my life easily.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I love organising so the role is perfect for me as that is central to the role, managing bookings and liaising with the host pub. I created a spreadsheet that helps me keep track of our members’ contact details, lunch menus and payments. It is especially useful when you need to manage a busy lunch club with over 35 attendees.

Are there any challenging aspects to the role?

There can be times when I need to manage a range of personalities within the group; a bit of kindness and patience is needed to effectively diffuse each situation.

What do you gain either personally or professionally from volunteering?

I get a real sense of contribution from volunteering for the Lunch Club. I have worked as a Life Coach for the last 10 years, and it is one of our six human needs to feel that you have helped support something larger than yourself in a profound way.

What difference does your role make to others?

Without the Pub Lunch Coordinator role, the club would not be able to run. It offers a unique opportunity for senior members of the local community to get together, meet new people or maintain current friendships, and enjoy a hot meal together. It also helps those who are isolated and living alone to stay connected.

Would you recommend volunteering and if so, why?

The Lane End Lunch Club offers immense value to the community. The pub itself is in a convenient location, it is a clean environment and has a friendly atmosphere. Everyone who attends gets along well, and there is always lots of chatting and plenty of laughter among attendees.

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Published on January 31, 2023

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society