Top Tips for a Compelling Volunteer Role Description

You’ve identified that you need more volunteers, you know the types of things that you require support with, but just how do you go about attracting people to come and volunteer for you?

Start here… It all starts with putting together an engaging Role Description – well written, but concise which clearly expressed opportunities are far more likely to attract potential volunteers. Spending some time drafting and editing opportunities before you advertise them will pay off in the long term – the volunteer marketplace is busy and challenging – it’s all about making your role stand out in the crowd!

Attracting someone… you need to draw someone’s attention in just a few seconds – start with the aim and title of the role – it needs to be short, sharp and punchy.

Get straight to the point… when you need the volunteer to start, what is the time commitment, and where the role will be based. Clearly specify the tasks you would like the volunteer to carry out – and what skills/experience is required for the role.

What’s in it for them? Describe how your volunteer will benefit from being involved with your organisation – whether it’s the opportunity to make new friends, making a difference to someone’s life, develop your professional skills, or even giving back to your community.

The formalities… volunteering should be great fun and flexible, but it’s important to have some safeguards in place – so say if references (it’s always best to ask for two), and DBS checks are required.

Call to action… if someone is interested in your role and wants to find out more information, then you’ve cleared the first hurdle – include the name and contact details (always best to have a phone number and email address) of a named person within your organisation so that it’s easy for them to get in touch.

And finally, if you need a bit more help developing your volunteer role descriptions, fill in our request for support form and one of the team will get in touch. You can also find advice on recruiting and managing volunteers on our We Need Volunteers webpages.