Transport Hub

What is the Community Transport Hub?

The Community Transport Hub delivers signposting information, advice, and guidance to Buckinghamshire residents without access to public or private transport. In particular, the service aims to assist those from vulnerable groups who are struggling to maintain independence and have a variety of needs and circumstances.

The Community Transport Hub provides information on all community transport providers in Buckinghamshire, from Dial-a-Ride to community car schemes, mini-bus hire to wheelchair accessible taxis.

The team does not make or take bookings, but we can provide advice on the most appropriate method of transport to meet your needs.

Who can use the Community Transport Hub?

Anyone who is unable to access other means of transport, such as public transport, for whatever reason can contact the Community Transport Hub.

We receive a variety of calls from Buckinghamshire residents including young people, elderly, carers, or family members.

Many of the Community Transport Hub calls are for transport to and from medical or health appointments but we are also able to provide information on transport schemes that offer transport for social trips, day centres, and other activities.

How to contact the Community Transport Hub

To contact the Community Transport Hub, please call 0800 085 8480 or email

It is open Monday to Friday mornings (9.00am-12.30pm); calls outside this time will be picked up by the team’s voicemail and we will aim to call back the next working morning. Please note the Transport Hub is not available during bank holidays.

If you are a Community Transport Scheme and would like your details added to the Community Transport Hub or you would like support, visit Community Transport Scheme or contact Nosh Fiaz by emailing or calling 0330 236 9350.

Data Privacy Notice

We record information about calls to the Transport Hub. This is so we can monitor the reasons why callers need community transport and where they need to go, because some Community Transport Schemes only offer support with certain types of journeys and to or from certain places. Personal information is removed from the call data we collect.

When processing personal information, we are acting as the ‘data controller’ and hold information under legitimate interest. As the Hub is funded, we provide anonymised information for reporting and monitoring purposes to funders and commissioners.

A link to our full privacy notice is here.

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society