Support us

Donate: help us to help others

No-one likes asking for money but, running a charity, you have to do just that. For us, it’s more challenging than most because we can’t tell you whose life will change for the better. However, we can say that your money will go towards changing lives.

80% of the organisations we work with have less than £100,000 turnover and are mainly run by volunteers. 80% of small charities tell us they need help with funding. You could help us help them develop a long term sustainable income.


Volunteer: help us to make things happen.

We have 17 staff and over 80 volunteers. From people who help us with our gardening and handy helpers work, to those who volunteer in the office, helping to manage our projects, carrying out research or helping to keep our systems running smoothly. It’s varied, interesting, and our volunteers tell us it’s fun. More importantly, it is helping us support and grow local charities and community groups.

We also work with volunteers who run training or specialist workshops for charities. If you have a skill or are a specialist in a field and would like to share that skill with small charities, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Can you sponsor us?

We have about 150,000 people visiting our website, a strong community of over 800 not-for-profit organisations signed up to our mailing list. We work with sponsors to fund events, training, printing, safety clothing and equipment for the volunteers and more. We would want to make you part of our story and, whatever you sponsor, you will feel part of the impact we have.

Can you help?

Get in touch with us on 0330 236 9350.

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society