Pub Lunch Clubs

Our Pub Lunch Clubs have been set up to tackle social isolation and loneliness among our ageing population, especially in rural areas where there are few local services and poor public transport links. It's aimed at the over 65s and especially those who may have been missing out on regular social contact.

Pub Lunch Clubs are predominantly hosted by pubs which are often the hub of a rural community. Before COVID-19, there were over 30 communities running Pub Lunch Clubs across the county offering two courses for around £8.00 to £10.00 (depending on the venue). They are very much community-based, each with a local organiser through whom bookings must be made.

Social exclusion among the elderly knows no geographic boundaries and we are always looking for new venues right across the county. Some communities have been so keen to be involved that they’ve helped us come up with alternative venues where there is no village pub.

How do they help local communities?

Surveys of those attending the monthly lunches show that almost 100% say that their quality of life has been improved and more than 70% have met, and spoken to, someone in their own community that they’ve never spoken to before.

Many of those attending have also become involved in other local activities as a direct result of meeting someone at the Pub Lunch Club. Before the pandemic more than 900 people enjoyed 11,000 lunches and engaged in around 33,000 social interactions.

Can you help?

In 2022 we will be relaunching the Pub Lunch Club at the Chandos Arms in Weston Turnville and are looking for volunteer coordinators. Have you a couple of hours to spare? Could you help? The role involves just 2-3 hours per month and would help so many in the local community. To find out more about the role, please download role description and, for more information, email or call us on 01844 617229.

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society