Sources of Income

Generating income can include a range of sources; from donations, applying for grants, online and community fundraising or crowdfunding, to starting to trade or delivering services under contract. But where do you start?

Having a range of funding sources means that your organisation is likely to be more resilient. A funding strategy can help you identify the different sources of funding which are appropriate for your organisation and your stage of development.

For more detail on different types of income generation see the Institute of Fundraising and Knowhow Nonprofit sites or watch the fundraising webinars from the FSI.


How do I find out about funds and grants?

Bucks Funding Search is a free online platform which allows you to browse and search for funding relevant to you. If you sign up to Bucks Funding Search you can also receive funding alerts direct to your inbox.

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How can I get funding for core costs for my charity?

Some funders will specifically support core costs as part or all of a funding application, but this tends to be the minority. Remember to include an appropriate amount of running costs (full cost recovery) in your applications for projects to build financial sustainability. Three useful resources can help you with this:

Unrestricted donations can be used to support core costs, whether individual, corporate or from some of the local neighbourhood opportunities in your supermarkets and local lotteries.

Where can I find public sector tender opportunities?

With government at all levels increasingly contracting rather than giving grants to the voluntary sector you may want to consider public sector contract opportunities. This introduction from NCVO is a good starting point and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Guide. Places to search for opportunities are listed below.

Where can I find out about crowdfunding?

For an overview of setting up a crowdfunding campaign:

Spacehive-Aylesbury Vale: Covering Aylesbury Vale as a new crowdfunding platform.
Crowdfunder Bucks is a local platform you may also want to investigate.

How do I go about corporate fundraising?

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda many companies allocate resources, which could be people’s time and expertise or money, to support charities and community projects. Find out more about how you could tap into this source of support:


Should we start trading?

Trading is the activity of buying and selling goods or services. Many charities trade products and services to help generate income, which can subsidise other activities; for example, when a client or beneficiary is unable to pay for the full cost of a service they are receiving. Sometimes they will set up a trading subsidiary to carry out the activity.

For more information:

What is social investment?

Social investment is repayable finance where the investor is interested in social impact as well as financial return. It can be an option where an organisation is expanding or starting a trading activity. The Big Lottery Funded Big Potential project produced some useful guidance on social investment and how it can help smaller charities:



Local Funding Opportunities

We will use this space to inform you about local funding opportunities as and when they arise.

For more information: