Easy ways to fundraise


Recycling is a simple way to raise extra funds for your cause and a great way to get a school, workplace or local community involved. It is usually best to recycle for donations on top of other fundraising ideas as it can be quite time consuming and often relies on the public’s own efforts.

To find out more about charity recycling visit:

Earn While You Shop 

Another great way to earn extra funds is to ask your supporters to register with a service such as easyfundraising*, and  Giveasyoulive. When they make purchases online, your group will receive a percentage of what they spend. It is easy to set up and is at no extra cost to your supporters.

*If you register your not-for- profit organisation with easyfundraising, please register using this link so that Community Impact Bucks receives a small commission. This commission doesn’t come out of the money you raise – it is entirely separate and additional – and any money we raise will help us to support local organisations like yours.

If you would like more information on how your organisation could use recycling or ‘earn while you shop’ to raise funds, please book a free support session.