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Utilising business insights to the benefit of charities by Michael Curth, Chair of Community Impact Bucks

I first joined the Board at Community Impact Bucks just two months into the pandemic – an incredibly busy time for the charity as it supported the voluntary sector in Buckinghamshire which was working hard to meet increased demand for services while often facing funding and volunteer challenges.

This baptism by fire was a great introduction to the breadth of the work carried out by the charity and confirmed for me how important its work is to help individuals and groups make a difference to Buckinghamshire communities.

Eighteen months later, I am stepping into the position of Chair. In this time the charity has not only responded to the challenges of Covid-19, but has restructured to reflect our clients’ needs and has secured the contract to deliver the VCSE Support Service in the county. These are all great achievements and puts us in good stead for what is to come.

What I bring to the charity and its support to the county

Having lived in Bucks for many years and keen to build my portfolio as a non-executive director, I felt Community Impact Bucks was a good match where my IT knowledge and change and project management expertise could add value to the Board and ultimately the charity. My position on the Board also coincided with me formally becoming a senior executive coach which will help me support the team in the months to come.

While Community Impact Bucks primarily supports other not-for-profit organisations rather than designated service users, I feel strongly that we – as a small charity – can relate to the challenges and needs of the sector. Through my role as a Trustee for Camden Society, a charity which works with people with learning disabilities, I also can combine my knowledge of working with a direct cause with our work to support the sector as a whole.

Opportunity for all

I see there is a huge opportunity for all parties to step up a gear to support our communities and to help them thrive. There is a playing field where companies have an obligation to prove their commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities (also known as Corporate Social Responsibility), volunteers want to do something good and contribute, and funders want to develop local communities and social life. Charities and local groups are at the heart of this and are increasingly working alongside local authorities and NHS to bring everyone together. What we need to do is make the best connection.

Many charities are finding that demand is increasing while funding is decreasing. What we have to do is develop mechanisms that ‘square that circle’ so that we can provide more and better services to meet the needs of the communities in an appropriate manner.

Vision for the future

If I picked one attainable must-have for the future, I want local businesses to see the benefits of their employees embarking on helping a charity – so much so that they pay for it. The volunteers are matched to an appropriate task, they are professionally managed, and they leave knowing that they have helped to improve a local community.

My ask

Come and talk to us! We at Community Impact Bucks want to know what charities and other not-for-profits in Buckinghamshire need – we can help. Alternatively, if we have helped you, tell us what the outcome was so that we can put a value on our support and ensure we can continue to help, providing the right support in the future.

Also please tell people about us – if someone is thinking about volunteering, or considering setting up a voluntary group, point them in our direction as we can help them at every step of their journey.

Further information:

  • After joining the Board in May 2020, Michael became Chair of Community Impact Bucks in November 2021. Following an extensive corporate career in Market Research, he brings a broad range of experience in IT, Business Process Improvement (BPI), and general management to the charity. He is also a trustee of the Camden Society, which provides services to people with a learning disability, and runs his own consultancy Skilljoy which encompasses Board Advisory services and Senior Executive Coaching. Contact Michael Curth:
  • To find out more about the Community Impact Bucks’ team – what they do and how to reach them – click on Who we are.