Help managing rising energy bills with Utility Aid

Community Impact Bucks has partnered with Utility Aid to help Buckinghamshire’s community buildings save on existing energy tariffs.

Aimed primarily at our village and community hall subscribers, this offer is also available to other premises owned or managed by charities or not-for-profit organisations in Buckinghamshire.

Utility Aid is the UK’s leading energy broker for the charity and not-for-profit sector and we are working with them to help the county’s community buildings access their services. As well as helping to secure new contracts at the lowest possible cost, Utility Aid can also help with supplier problems, inaccurate bills, advising on renewable energy options and the journey to ‘Net Zero’.

Another service offered by Utility Aid is the free Invoice Validation Service which could recoup hundreds of pounds from past bills if the team find an organisation has overpaid. Over £4.7 million has been recouped for customers already.

As part of offer, Utility Aid will carry out a desktop audit for Community Impact Bucks contacts to identify any discrepancies on invoices, including:

  • Consumption fluctuations
  • Inaccurate billing
  • Incorrect VAT
  • Incorrect tariff
  • General anomalies

For more information on how Utility Aid can help, visit Community Impact Buck’s page on the Utility Aid website, call 0808 1788 170 or email

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