Carol Heap (above right) is volunteer local Ambassador for Community Impact Bucks in Marlow.

In April, she attended a Volunteering Marketplace event promoting Community Impact Bucks to non-profit and voluntary organisations and connecting with people interested in becoming volunteers.

What was the event that you attended?  The Volunteering Marketplace was a new event – set up by the one of the local churches in Marlow together with the Marlow Community Forum. I set up a stall there to raise awareness of Community Impact Bucks and what we do.

What sort of people did you meet?  Representatives from local groups, current volunteers and potential volunteers.  I also took the opportunity to talk to the other people running stalls there, who came from a variety of charities and voluntary organisations operating in the Marlow area.

How were you able to help them? I was able to help potential volunteers find out what volunteering opportunities are out there – for example by looking up Do-it.org.  When I talked to people from charities or voluntary organisations, I found they had a variety of needs and I was able to flag up how Community Impact Bucks can help on a whole range of issues from advice on how to find funding to the recruitment of trustees and to direct them to information on our website at  www.communityimpactbucks.org.uk.

Do you think this was a day well spent?  Definitely.  I came away with 20 or so enquiries (from both individuals and groups) to follow up on.  I was able to promote Community Impact Bucks services to a number of new groups and widened my network of contacts as a result of people I met on that day. I thought it was a very successful event and I hope they run it again.

For more information on being a local ambassador for Community Impact Bucks, download the role description, email cibvolunteer@communityimpactbucks.org.uk or phone 0330 236 9350.

Published on July 31, 2019

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society