Bucks Vision

BucksVision is the local visual impairment charity working within Buckinghamshire. It supports people at all stages of sight loss.

Lisa Kennet, Volunteer Supervisor, explains how she has benefitted from attending CIB’s Attracting & Keeping Volunteers masterclass in January 2017.

“One of the highlights of the workshop was enabling me to talk through volunteer-related scenarios with others, so that if the situations ever do arise, I will be more prepared. One example I remember was about a volunteer who was heavily relied upon to maintain a database, who did not show up on a number of occasions, and this led to a backlog. Although she usually called in with a reasonable excuse, this situation could not continue.

“The solution that we discussed was to have an informal chat with her to ask if she was happy in her role and if there were any issues that she wanted to discuss. We also agreed that it was important to let her know how valued her contribution was, and to ask her if there was a time which suited her better to come and volunteer. Additionally, we were in agreement that it would be important to ensure that other volunteers and staff were trained in the use of the database.

“I’m really pleased that I attended the workshop as it has helped me to think about how to retain volunteers and help them through tricky situations.”


Updated on March 26, 2018

Images courtesy of St Francis's Children Society, Bucks Vision