Francesca – voluntary work experience at Wycombe Sound

Francesca volunteered at Wycombe Sound for 2 weeks to gain practical experience in support of her University course in multi-media journalism.

What has been your role? I’ve been trying out various roles, including presenting.

What prompted you to volunteer? I have to complete a certain amount of work experience as part of my degree course, including some experience in broadcast. I chose radio, based on a few bits and pieces I’ve done as part of my course. I found the website for Wycombe Sound and contacted them and Pippa was very happy to welcome me.

What have you enjoyed the most? I really liked the way I was allowed just to “get stuck in” to a variety of things on different days. One highlight for me was going out to meet and interview people in the area.

What has been the hardest part of your experience? The actual presenting on air was the most daunting for me – I was surprised at how much the pressure of presenting can make you stumble over words, even when reading a script.

How have you benefitted from the experience? I have learnt a lot and I think it will help improve my next year at University, because I’ve had real-life experience with much more independence at Wycombe Sound than at University, where it is much more controlled environment. I’ve now got a lot more confidence about what I’m doing, and can tell somebody “I know how to do that and I’m going to do it”.

It is also something that I think will add value to my CV when I put it in.

Would you volunteer again? Yes, I’d happy to do it again.

What difference has you made to others? I think I have brought in a different perspective to the team, as I’ve come from a formal training environment.

Would you recommend volunteering as a presenter? I would definitely recommend volunteering as a way of giving something like presenting a go, which otherwise you might not have the opportunity to do.


For more information about Wycombe Sound please see its website, which includes contact details if you’d like to volunteer.


Published on October 25, 2019

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society