Jacqui and Toby volunteer as B&Bers for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Why do you volunteer?  When we discovered Hearing Dogs in our local area and the various opportunities to volunteer with the organisation, we jumped at the chance to find out what we could get involved with, and B&Being seemed like the perfect fit for us.

What are the most challenging bits of volunteering?  It takes a bit of juggling between Toby and I working as a tag-team around our full-time jobs to drop off and pick up.

What are the best bits of volunteering?  Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to bond with 3 gorgeous spaniels that we have looked after so far, learning about their world, their potential, what they can teach us about living in the present, and their ability to give love, hope, and independence to the recipient they are matched with.

What are the best bits of volunteering?  With each hearing dog we have discovered their individual character, their cheekiness, their unrelenting ability to find each and every muddy puddle to splash around in and their ability to entice us into the endless tummy rubs we seem to spend every evening giving, but these are the perks of the role!!

What do you gain either personally or professionally from volunteering?  It’s a privilege to be a B&Ber, I always thought volunteering was about what contribution I can make, but I’ve come to realise that it is not just about what impact we can make, it’s more about what impact it has had on us to become more compassionate, more empathetic, more charitable, and to show more understanding towards individuals living with a hearing impairment in our wider community.

Quote from Jacqui and Toby:   “Joy. Fun. Laughter. Connectedness. Contribution. Education. There are just some of the words to describe the experiences we have had being a B&Ber with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.”

There is more information on the various volunteering roles available with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People on their website, or you can contact volunteer@hearingdogs.org.uk, tel: 01844 348122.

Updated on June 3, 2019

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society