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Leanne Sinclair, fundraising officer, talks about how she successfully uses the Bucks Funding Search.

I have used the Bucks Funding Search in two different ways. Firstly, if I’m looking for a specific project to fund, then I find the search quite useful as I can get a better understanding of the trusts who may be able to support the project I have in mind. I have also signed up to the Bucks Funding e-newsletter. Receiving a steady list of trusts is an ideal way to prospect as you are not faced with a daunting list of hundreds, but more manageable chunks. It allows you to have a steady pipeline of trusts to research and apply to on a regular basis. Within five months, I had applied to 29 trusts and received £12,500 in grants. Many of these trusts were researched through the Bucks Funding Search.

St. Francis’ Children’s Society (SFCS) is a highly respected registered voluntary adoption agency and children’s charity. We offer a wide range of services to support those whose life has been touched by adoption and are especially committed to finding families for those children who wait longest in the care system.

One of the grants we received through the Bucks Funding Search allowed us to support two adopted children with Life Story Work. Many children in care will have had disrupted childhoods. This can lead to the child being unable to trust and develop relationships, including friendships with their peers. Whilst these issues are deep rooted and may take many years to work through, Life Story work can mark the beginning of this journey. The aim of Life Story work is to help a child understand how their past fits into their present, and potentially their future. Allowing them a better understanding of their past, including the reasons as to why they were removed from their birth family will provide the foundation on which the child can develop, grow and fully utilise their potential. Life Story work can give the child the tools they need to form a lasting bond with their adoptive family, enabling them to form healthy and happy relationships and reach their potential from childhood through to adulthood. Not only does this support the individual child and their family, but it has the potential to benefit the community as a whole.

Updated on March 21, 2018

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