Trustee and Board Volunteering

Trustees and Board Volunteers  have overall control of the organisation, charity or group and are responsible for making sure it is doing what it was set up to do. They may be known by other titles such as board or committee members, directors or governors.

People in this role lead an organisation and decide how it is run. Trustees come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some roles need specific skills, such as experience of senior management, finance or HR. Many organisations, charities and groups are looking for your lived experience, enthusiasm and drive.

What are the benefits of trusteeship?  Trustee and Board Volunteers are key to ensuring a group or charity’s sustainability, compliance, resilience and growth. You will develop leadership skills, gain experience in strategic development and insight, and get to use your professional, managerial and business skills.

How much time does it take?  This depends on the organisation’s size and activities. This information should be included in the role description but we recommend that you check how much time you may need to commit in your initial discussions with the organisation.

What are the next steps? To find out more about becoming a board volunteer, read our 5 key reads below.  If you have three years professional experience and are ready to start on your volunteering journey, register with Reach, the online skills-based volunteering database, where you can browse current trustee vacancies in Buckinghamshire. Alternatively, you can also click on the latest trustee opportunities from Reach below.

If you need help to get started or want to find out more, contact the support team on

Latest Trustee Opportunities from Reach

Introduction to Board Volunteering

If you have questions about becoming a trustee and what is expected of trustees, we have put together some useful information to support you on your journey. Read our Introduction to board volunteering to find out more.

Browse our Case Studies (select trustees’ button) of trustees in Buckinghamshire, or watch the video below for inspiration!

Trustee Stories

Did you know all charities are led by board volunteers? Take a look at just some of the many people in Bucks who volunteer their time to run a charity.