Free, 1:1 coaching for Bucks voluntary groups with Henley Business School

Free coaching from Henley Business School is available for people who are leading charities or community groups in Buckinghamshire and are looking for professional advice to help them in their roles.

Individuals, such as CEOs, chairs or trustees, can have up to six sessions with a coach, receiving one-to-one tailored advice on a specific project or issue. The focus of the sessions can range from giving advice on developing your organisation’s strategy, giving techniques on how to chair effectively, through to being a sounding board for new ideas.

The coaching will support coachees to become more self-aware, take more personal responsibility and through this to become more effective.  It is not intended to provide ‘answers’ but to provide a useful space to talk about an issue, give support and challenge the coachee as they work out a solution.

Hannah, Wycombe Museum, Wycombe Heritage & Arts Trust, has recently started her coaching sessions with Henley Business School:

“My coach has been incredibly helpful. Her previous all-round experience in charity and business governance has been superb. I can only describe it as having a really skilled professional colleague who understands exactly what you are going through: she listens attentively and helps on the specific topic but, due to being great at stepping back, she has also encouraged me to look at the overall vision and strategy of my organisation.”

A typical session lasts between an hour and a half to two hours and can take place at Henley, via Skype or at a mutually convenient location.  Most coaches meet every 2-5 weeks and meet between 4 and 6 times but this will be down to the coach and coachee to agree.

To find out more about the Henley Business School coaching for Bucks voluntary sector leaders and how to apply, click here.