Volunteer Recruitment Survey 2018: You Answered – We Listened

Hazel Finney, Lead – Volunteering

We really appreciated the time that so many of you took to complete our Volunteer Recruitment survey at the end of last year, and so we wanted to share some of the key findings:

  • The most effective method of recruiting in the last 12 months was a combination of personal contacts (44%), social media (21%), and local newsletters/magazines (14%)
  • 26% of respondents had targeted a particular demographic(s) with their volunteer recruitment in the last 12 months
  • 61% of respondents indicated that they provide opportunities to volunteer at different times throughout the day, for example in the evening and outside of the school run
  • 47% of respondents indicated that they offer opportunities to volunteer remotely
  • 23% of respondents indicated that they provide opportunities for people to volunteer with family and/or friends.

We also discovered…

… that you might find the following beneficial:

  1. Advice about what to put in place before starting to recruit volunteers: book on our ALL NEW 4 September 2 hour 5 Steps to Being Volunteer-ready masterclass to find out more
  2. Help to write engaging volunteer role descriptions: check out our new blog for hints and tips and book a FREE advice session slot
  3. Facts about motivations and barriers to volunteering so that you can understand your target audience(s) better: have a look at our handy fact sheet
  4. Support to find out what your volunteers really think: the following should be extremely helpful when preparing a survey – The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Volunteer Recruitment Surveys (courtesy of VolunteerPro) , Volunteer Satisfaction Survey (example questions courtesy of Norfolk AgeUK) .

And whilst you’re here… please could you take 10 seconds to answer these 2 quick questions about your volunteers’ skills.  Thank you! 

Please note that this survey closes on 17th July 2019.