CPRE Buckinghamshire, Trustee Recruitment

CPRE Buckinghamshire is dedicated to the protection of the local countryside and its wildlife.

“The Buckinghamshire countryside is well known for its rolling hills, stunning woodland trails, wide meandering rivers and deeply wooded valleys. Its volunteers and trustees are passionate about protecting the local character.”

Paula Buck, Secretary at CPRE Bucks explains, “We wanted to expand our Trustee Board – and we were seeking specific expertise/interest in planning and transportation.”

Management consultant, Neil, brings his change management and traffic automation experience to a challenging and complex trustee role.

“I was looking for something to keep my mind active in retirement,” commented Neil. “Preferably something that suited my skills but maybe a new subject to learn. A Trustee role felt appropriate as I had senior management experience. I needed something that would hold my interest.”

Neil added that the Trusteeship is meeting his expectations: “The role is very challenging as the area I have taken responsibility for is immensely complex and difficult – but a challenge was what I wanted.”

Paula notes that, with only one part time paid employee, CPRE needs its Trustees to contribute between meetings.

“Recruiting Neil has brought a number of advantages to CPRE Bucks. We’re keeping the organisation dynamic. He has brought in much needed skills and has taken ownership of a key area of our work – recruiting further volunteers to support him.

Summing up, Neil said “Reach probably has the best range of opportunities for people of a skilled, professional background.”

(Case study courtesy of our national partner Reach Volunteering)

Find out more about volunteering as a trustee, and browse some of the roles available in Bucks.

Updated on October 28, 2020

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society