Verity is a trustee for RSPCA South Bucks. She also produces the local newsletter and is taking on responsibility for keeping the local RSPCA website and Facebook pages up to date.

What prompted you to volunteer as a trustee?  I work full time and wanted to do something with a positive impact as an outside interest in addition to my “day job”.

How much of your time does being a trustee take up? It is variable, but on average about 4 or 5 hours a week.

How long have you been a trustee and what is it like?  I have only been volunteering with the RSPCA for a few months and formally became a trustee about a month ago. It is very interesting to see how the charity works from the inside. I now understand how decisions are made can contribute to the process of making them. It is so nice to see the positive outcomes being achieved, despite not being on the front line.

What have you found challenging?  Sometimes taking action can take a little time, we always make sure we follow procedure and have approval from the whole board before we go ahead with anything, so occasionally it can take a little while to get things done – but it’s better to work slightly slower and get it right, than charge ahead and get it wrong!

What difference does volunteering as a trustee make to you?  I get a really positive feeling when I see people and animals benefitting from the work that the charity does.  I enjoy the opportunity to share this in the stories I include in the Newsletter that goes out to other volunteers in our charity shops and elsewhere.

Would you recommend volunteering as a trustee and if so why?  Yes, I would definitely recommend it. People often give money, but giving your time can make a huge difference in a practical way with a tangible effect.


For more information on being a trustee or volunteer for RSPCA South Bucks, please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator Victoria at

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Updated on October 28, 2020

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society