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June sees the return of Small Charity Week (14th June – 19th June), a national awareness week aimed to celebrate and raises awareness of the essential work carried out by the UK small charity sector.

Small charities within Buckinghamshire make an invaluable contribution to the lives of individuals, communities and causes and Small Charity Week gives you the chance to shout out about what you do and the difference you make, as well as take part in training and advice opportunities at a local and national level.

Each day of the week has a different focus – from how to influence policy makers to fundraising for your small charity – and you have the chance to take part in numerous events specifically for small charities or local community groups with a turnover of under £1 million. Here is a summary of the week ahead:

Monday 14th June – I Small Charities Day 

This is a day to raise awareness of the work of all small charities across in Buckinghamshire and across the UK. Why don’t you tell people about your organisation and join the conversation? For more information, visit I Love Small Charities Day. #ILoveSmallCharities  #SmallCharityWeek

Tuesday 15th June – Big Advice Day

Attention on the second day of the week turns to the advice available to small charities. As part of Big Advice Day, we are running our free, 1:1 advice sessions with our VCSE Community and Development officers via telephone or zoom. If you have a particular issue you would like to discuss, or you would benefit from talking through your funding or volunteering strategies, book a one-hour appointment following the links below:

  • Book here for a session on Funding or Governance
  • Book here for a session on Volunteer Recruitment and Management

The FSI is also running advice sessions* to mark Big Advice Day, covering a range of topics from Fundraising Strategy to HR, IT, Digital and Insurance.

* You need to be signed up as a free FSI Small Charity Member (annual income under £1m) to book this event – you can register your organisation and email login here.

Wednesday 16th June – Policy Day  

Find out how small charities can influence decision-makers at a local level in Small Charity Coalition’s webinar (10-11:15am). For more information, go to how to influence local elected officials.

Thursday 17th June – Fundraising Day

Funding and financial sustainability are a priority for all voluntary and community organisations regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been going for a number of years. To make sure you can continue to serve your beneficiaries you need to plan how you will fund your activities and keep on funding them into the future. Have a look at our fundraising advice, tips and fundraising opportunities and book on the Small Charity Virtual Conference covering a range of fundraising topics.

Friday 18th June – Small Charity BIG Impact Day

This day focuses on raising awareness of the incredible impact that UK small charities have which is not always recognised.

Using this template, why not take a photo or record a short (10-20 second) video highlighting the amazing impact you made over the past 12 months? Post it on social media using the hashtag #SmallCharityBigImpactDay and mention Community Impact Bucks if you would like us to share your news.

The FSI, Social Value UK and PolicyBee will be reviewing social media during the day (Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram), tracking the organisations using the #SmallCharityBigImpactDay hashtag and offering £50 donations for the most eye-catching posts. As well as using the #SmallCharityBigImpactDay hashtag, you should:

If you need more help about measuring your impact take a look at the resources on our website, and book on the webinars being run by The FSI and Social Value UK on Friday 18th which will show small charities how to better demonstrate their impact and value to society.  They will also host a live Q & A, giving you the opportunity to get advice on any tricky impact issues you have. For further information visit the Small Charity Week website.

Saturday 19th June – Appreciation Day

Marking the end of Small Charity Week on the 19th June, Appreciation Day is a great excuse to tell everyone about the amazing work carried out by small charities in the county but also highlights the hard work and commitment of the volunteers and staff which make it all happen. Join in and share your appreciation using the hashtag #AppreciationDay and mention Community Impact Bucks.

Support from Community Impact Bucks

We are here to support you throughout the year and can give you advice on all aspects of running a voluntary organisation including funding, governance, and recruiting and managing volunteers – both during the pandemic and beyond.  Here’s some of the ways you can get help:

With our experience and network of contacts, both at a county and a national level, we’re here to help you find solutions to your questions – get in touch with us by email or 0330 236 9350.

To be kept up to date with all Small Charity Week news make sure you are signed up to the Small Charity Week mailing list by emailing and follow @SCWeek2021 on Twitter.