BucksVision is a local charity that provides support and services to blind and partially sighted people in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

The challenge

As a result of discussions with its parent charity RNIB, BucksVision is planning to build its fundraising capability significantly from 2022 onwards.  In parallel with this increased effort, the legacy giving market in the UK is increasing, with predictions that the increase is set to continue.

Together, the future opportunity and the national trend, presented an unmissable opportunity for BucksVision to introduce a legacy campaign to their fundraising mix.

The solution

BucksVision approached Community Impact Bucks to help them prepare for a legacy fundraising campaign.  Community Impact Bucks were able to offer them a clear understanding of the steps to take when approaching legacy fundraising for the first time.

“The one-to-one session on legacy fundraising was absolutely invaluable and exceeded my expectations.  I very much appreciated the fact that the trainer, Frankie Hockham, has direct experience of fundraising, including a comprehensive understanding of legacy fundraising.  Having started the session with only a broad understanding of leaving a gift in Wills, I felt that when it finished, I would be able to put in place a plan and carry out specific actions in order to progress this important aspect of our work. 

 This is without doubt one of the most impactful training sessions that I have had in recent years, not just in terms of Community Impact Bucks, but overall.  Thanks so much.”

Steve Naylor, CEO BucksVision

Published on June 8, 2021

Images courtesy of St Francis's Children Society, Bucks Vision