How Community Impact Bucks helped a group of individuals set up a CIC to use art to transform local communities.


DSCVR Creative CIC harnesses art to tackle social issues such as mental health, local crime, and limited creative activities. Through workshops in photography, music, and creative careers, they empower individuals and foster personal growth for positive community change.

The challenge

DSCVR Creative CIC embarked on its journey in early 2022, driven by a group of passionate individuals who recognised the transformative potential of art in tackling societal challenges.

However, they soon realised the need for guidance in effectively running a community-focused organisation. Having discovered the advice service via online research, a member of the group approached Community Impact Bucks for support.

The solution

In December 2022, the group received essential one-on-one support from Community Impact Bucks, covering key aspects of organisational setup including governance, legal structures, policies, funding, and safeguarding.

Taking on the tailored advice, the group implemented all the recommendations and sought further guidance from Community Impact Bucks to take the next step to become a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The result

Through the amazing enthusiasm and drive from members of the organisation, DSCVR Creative CIC has some notable achievements in just five months including:

  • CIC establishment: DSCVR Creative CIC successfully registered as a Community Interest Company, solidifying its commitment to serving the community and promoting positive change through artistic endeavours.
  • Securing a grant from Rothschild Foundation: DSCVR Creative CIC secured its first grant of £5000 from the Rothschild Foundation.
  • Policy Development: recognising the importance of clear guidelines and procedures, DSCVR Creative CIC diligently crafted its policies, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.
  • Safeguarding Training and DBS Checks: committed to the wellbeing of their participants, the organisation prioritised safeguarding by providing comprehensive training to team members and carrying out appropriate background checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

“Community Impact Bucks supported us in turning our vision into reality.  Their invaluable guidance and support enabled us to become a registered Community Interest Company, secure crucial funding, develop robust policies, and prioritise the safety and well-being of our participants.” Chris Hodgson, Director

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Updated on September 4, 2023

Image courtesy of St Francis's Children Society